Auston Copeland
Auston Copeland
Learning as I Go

Photo courtesy of Samy Ruby


I have always been an explorer - whether as a child in the fields and creeks of East Texas or on my first of many visits to Europe in high school. My desire to travel started when I discovered my Grandmothers' stamp collection, which was comprised from wartime letters and her own travel to Europe. I was immediately hooked and had to see these places for myself!

Since then, I have traveled to over 23 countries, including some time living in Spain, England and New York City. I recently moved to sunny Southern California to help my friends start a new church in Huntington Beach called SALT. Each place holds a bit of magic for me and all are favorites for their own reasons.

During this time I have worked with companies to develop training programs and operational efficiencies while establishing connections and communities. I look forward to continuing my travels and learning more about people and myself. Each place teaches me a lesson and this is where I like to share what I have learned.